Great news from Belgium! My work, Busride, 10 minutes, will be published in this season’s brochure of the Concertgebouw in Bruges (Belgium)! The brochure informs the public about all the productions of the Concertgebouw for the next season: concerts, dance and opera productions and the images in the this season’s brochure are in a very close relation with the season’s main themes: fragility, intimacy, fragments, rhythm, whichfit very well with the feeling in this work. Busride,10 minutes will be featured in the section for April.

Bus Ride, 10 minutes. From the Series Landscape shortens distances, 2005, C-Print on Diasec

Busride, 10 minutes. From the series Landscape shortens distances, 2005, C-print on diasec

Concertgebouw in Bruges