Version 1. a particular account of some matter, esp. as contrasted with some other account; two different versions of the accident. 2. a particular form
or variant of something: an updated version of a computer program. 3. a translation.
The NewWebster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English language

Version was an exhibition about similarities and infinite possibilities. It was an installation that consisted of site-specific stereo photographs, textual works and 43 real and one fake house plant. It asked, what is a copy and what is the actual work, if they all are exhibited simultaniously? How do the different versions differ from another?

The stereoimage and the textual works all discribe an exhibition called a Version. The image in the stereo viewer and the wall texts changed during the exhibition. There was five different statements and the visitor could have picked any of them without knowing there were others. The exhibition embraced all the different versions it could have been without none of them being the final version.

Version was exhibited in Gallery Hippolyte Studio, Helsinki 12.8.–4.9.2011.