Placelessness, 2009

”We may distinguish between two types of imaginative process: the one that starts with the word and arrives at the visual image, and the one that starts with the visual image and arrives at its verbal expression.”

Italo Calvino

The Series Placelessness consists of textual works and photographs that discuss place, presence, and the passing of time. The basis of my works is an observation of an object – but how to present, with a still photograph, something that is abstract, invisible, or in constant change? Change is built-in in a place. My attempt is to grasp places by presenting them as pictures turned into words; as stories; as photographs. In the works in the exhibition, places resemble one another; they are presented as absent or removed; or they are just referred to. The name of the exhibition includes wistfulness about the impossibility of sharing experiences of existence and, on the other hand, a dream of change and of sharing it.