Journey, 2004

The series Journey began when I was thinking about the routes that I am using in my everyday life. I noticed that they had turned into routines I rarely broke. Instead of a choice they were determined by a change, yet I choose to follow them. One day, just out of curiosity I counted the steps on my way to school. I got 536 steps. the next day I recounted the steps, and to my surprise i got the exact same number. It meant that I wasn’t only going to the school the same way every time, but took even the same steps. It wasn’t difficult to define the boundaries of my life.

I became fascinated of the repetition of movements and continued intentionally repeating them If I was going somewhere. The next time that I went there I tried to go exactly the same route I did before. The habit or tradition of taking the same roads became a ritual, even meditation, for me. The repetition underlined my existence. The continuity of the act made me more present in general, more aware of that I was, I am and I will be. I followed my old routines and made new ones. I took away the thrill of being somewhere just once by going there again and again. The method of repetition continued when I was doing the photographs by drawing the pattern over and over again on the map with a light.

In the series Journey I have examined my movements in relation to a place. I paid attention to such things as where I went and where I didn’t go, as well as what kind of visual patterns my movements would form. Placing my private journeys on a map is for me a conceptual attempt to take over and to control the life that often feels uncontrollable.