Inventory contains all the things found in my childhood home. I have photographed and catalogued every piece of furniture, bolt or half-empty milk carton in the living quarters, as well as the people and all the spaces including skirting boards. The body of work is a still image of the possessions and utilities of a retired middle class couple.

The text work acts as a table of contents that lists all the photographed objects in alphabetical order. In the photograph All the things my parent own(16945), the whole childhood home exists as a multiple exposure: every item, thing and person. In the image, the layers of the photographed objects obscure each other. The result resembles an x-ray or a delicate watercolour.

With this technique, I aim to eliminates the recognisable features of the objects, and create a photograph that simultaneously shows and hides them. I’m interested in the idea that one image could contain everything. In addition to the items, the whole childhood with its memories and meanings, is crystallised in a single image.

Works from the series Inventory have exhibited at Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki, Fotogalleri Format in Malmö, Gallery Ratamo in Jyväskylä and P-galleria in Pori.